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Squirrel Dance


Tea, Flowers, Honey and Happiness

Who We Are
What We Grow

Hello and Welcome! Squirrel Dance Farm is an herbal tea,  cut flower and honey farm in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  We use organic farming techniques,  and we work to build a healthy environment for the plants and animals that call our farm home.  Industrial agriculture practices in decades past have degraded the soil and negatively impacted the environment on many farms in South Jersey. It is our goal to restore the land on our farm, improve the soil and encourage a return of native species and habitat.  We wish to cultivate a space where visitors and workers can feel at home in a healthy thriving corner of the world.

Our Tea Ingredients

Tea Set

Mountain mint

indigenous mint

Yellow dotted mint

indigenous mint


calming favorite




calming and refreshing


immune aid

 Licorice mint

a throat soother

Lemon balm

( calms the stomach)





caffeine alternative


for humans too!


a touch - for flavor



sleepy times

Meet the Farmers

Alex Squirrel Dance  pic.jpg

Alex Smith

Alex has worked for five years as a manager of small scale organic vegetable farms in Pennsylvania and the Midwest. She has an MS in crop science.  Alex is proud to be a trans woman in agriculture.  She wants to help the farm grow into a place where other under-represented people can gain experience in farming and develop their own farming operations. 


Katherine Jameson

Katherine brings a decade of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer to her work on Squirrel Dance farm, as well as two years experience as a farm worker. Art and farming go together better than you might expect! Keep an eye out for barn stars on our instagram. You can see her portfolio here.

Meet The Farmers

The Land

Squirrel Dance Farm is located in the inner coastal plain region of New Jersey. This area was once home to deciduous hardwood forests dominated by oak, beech and hickory species.  In the centuries since European colonization, the area has mainly been used for agriculture.  Squirrel Dance itself was owned and managed for several generations as a fruit orchard and vegetable farm.  

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The Land
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